Click on a Phone Number to Call?

Is there a way to make it where, if people look at the website on their phones, they could click on our phone number and have it call us? Kind of like when you search a business on google and can just click on the phone number it brings up?


just add tel: or sms: in href. Should do the trick for you.

Awesome! Thanks!

Did the text link work?
May give a go myself.

Tried this kind of links in some webapps for mobiles and they used to work for me.
( Open it on your phone and it should be able to make a phonecall.

IOS does this automatically and intelligently identifies phone numbers and links to the phone function. This needs to be catered for by making sure that the Link colour shows up on the background. Get this wrong and your phone number can be hidden or difficult to read.

Ideally you want to add the country code and then remove the zero from the local dialling code. In the UK that would be something like tel:+44172677XXX. This works on Android and if you click the link on a desktop Mac it will open FaceTime.

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@flashman True. This being a dutch orientated project for customers to call only from within the Netherlands.

What if you want to call through a Social Media site like Facebook?

That may depend on individual social networks, but I just had a look at a business page I have on Facebook and it doesn’t appear to offer this option.

For me this highlights why businesses should not just rely on Facebook as their online shop window, because you give up so much control.

what I do is to set the option “Navigate to URL” and the tyoe on URL box the follwing “callto:+390957316003”. +39 is the italian prefix and then the rest is the actual telephone number. It works with me. try it :slight_smile:

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main difference is -> callto: only works on mobiles (on desktops you should have Skype) while tel: works on mobiles and more compatible on Desktops.


You’ll lose a lot of calls from desktop users if you’re using only the tel schema. You should additionally use a Callback tool to allow all your website visitors to talk to you on the phone, regardless of the location, time and device used. Increases conversions by up to 72%, if you respond instantly to all callback requests.

Thanks everyone for sharing this info.
Is there a way to Click to Call from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile devices?

3 Choices which one work on more devices?

<a href=“tel:1-800-555-0000”>1-800-555-0000</a>

<a href=“callto://1-800-555-5000”>1-800-555-5000</a>

<a href=“sms:1-800-555-0000”>New SMS Message</a>

Here’s a free option:

I use it, and it works nicely on all devices.

Wow, what an easy but comprehensive way to add your phone number! Very straight forward and easy to use. I couldn’t figure out how to thank the person who made this available, maybe they will see this?

Thank you so much!