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I have been following this forum for awhile when I first learn about Blocs. As a designer, I have been through many apps that build websites. As a visual person and start building websites, Blocs app is the best I have came across. I have been using it now as my main development tool for the websites that I have been making over the last year.

I have tried October CMS (As I have built most if not all of my website with Wordpress). Wordpress has been a lot of work for me and I have tried so many different avenues to make it easy for me to use and also not worry about the hacks that it is subjected to.
I longed for a CMS for blocs which is now my builder of choice as I love what I see this development tool can do and the short time it take to do it. I tried Pulse recently as I desperately need a CMS for my clients who cannot afford the Wordpress development, I really do liked it, but not really loving it.

I bought Volts applied it to a client site - he loved it! I am loving it too, However, after trying Pulse, I do really do wish if the developer will integrate the feature where after you design, layout and develop every things blocs, you pretty much just do as you do with the other CMS that it supports, wrap it contents into Volts CMS without you have to drop in the bricks and then go online to finish this. This will make the process faster than just to place the block and then have to go online to start design and add contents. With the blog feature coming soon, this is certainly a winner! If the development of Volts CMS continue to include features, I am prepared to pay an annual subscription for its continued development.

Great forum excellent developers, wonderful and helpful users. Blessings!


I’m sure myself and @Jannis could figure this out.


@Delly I agree this would be useful. In the meantime, I would say that development with Volt is greatly enhanced if you have a large computer display or a second display, which enables you to edit inside the web browser and have near instant feedback inside Blocs to make edits as needed. The further the site progresses the faster this process becomes.

One hope I had initially was that it might be possible to work on a Volt project inside Blocs and have instant feedback through Solis. Maybe one day.

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Thanks, but I don’t see any way to integrate that.

Volt is and will be a one time purchase, so that you are able to use the purchased version as long as you like. I am not a fan of subscription.


I tried this, but the JavaScript issues have been to complex.

When Solis is able to execute JavaScript, that will be possible after changing content on the server.

That would really nice @Norm. I know anything is possible. You guys are great at what you do. This will be a great dev changer and I am kinda just love rapid development has I have a full time employment that I am planning to give up to do what I love. One Love!


Thanks for your response @Jannis. Just putting it out there. I came up with a thought that I am going to try out which I will share once I wrap my head this and explore it. I think it might be more design work and a little time-consuming. But, I will definitely share it. In as much as your thought about subscription, I just mention this as I do think that developers must be compensated for their work, especially if it a good product that I use that generates income for me.

Until then, I will continue to use this as it is and patiently wait for the update with regards to the blog functionality integration as I think all of us will love to have it. Love what I am seeing. Cool beans!

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Thanks for your support!

Hello @TrevReav and Blocs forum members.

Were you able to achieve the uploading / swapping of PDFs via the CMS using Volt? - I am also searching for a suitable CMS to use in combination with blocs, and this is top of my list of requirements. I’d like my clients to be able to update the “monthly report.pdf” (or similar) themselves via a CMS - without needing my help, (the site designer).

If Volt can’t yet do this - can Cushy / October / Pulse / Sureal?

Hi @mitchiedog
I worked a lot with Pulse, and yes with Pulse you can do this. But I switched to Volt CMS.

I think @Jannis works on a solution that clients can do an Upload. And in the meantime you can create a Link and a folder on the server and your client can direct load the pdf on the server …I know - not the best way.

Hi @mitchiedog, I’m doing just what @tom2 says.
Also, on another site, the client has Dropbox and links to the file there.
I seem to recall from somewhere that the uploading of pdfs is in line for a future version of Volt CMS

Interesting and informative thread, thank you for sharing.

Hey Delly, I’m a designer too and new to Blocs and Volt CMS. You post is informative and encouraging.

Hi all-

I’m from the PulseCMS team. I see some mentions of PulseCMS.

In the past our docs for Blocs were a bit lacking. Here are the new docs, with screenshots:

It includes how to quickly build a blog, and other topics. It has both videos and screenshot tutorials.

If there’s something you’d like to see in PulseCMS, or you have questions, let me know. You can message me directly or reply here.

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If you are rating by stars, at least 10!

I am new to Blocs and the more I learn the more I like it. My HTML skills are rusty and I was looking for a user friendly way to update my website.

Volt added even more options. I especially liked that I could host it on the same server that I have been using for years. I did not have to pay someone else to manage my CMS.

I was able to update one site with Blocs. But I had a problem getting the Volt Blog to work on a subdomain. I knew it had to be something I was missing. So I contacted Volt Support.

Jannis replied promptly, gave me good advice/directions and I got the login to work, but not the Blog. There was a problem at my Hosting server, not with the Volt Blog.

It took about two weeks of conversations with my Hosting Server’s Help Desk. Along the way, Jannis promptly answered all my e-mails. He gave me the right terms and questions to ask the Hosting Server’s Help Desk.

Jannis could not fix the Hosting Setup. The setup at my Hosting server was unique. That prevented Jannis from fixing the problem from his side.

I asked Jannis if it was possible for him to send me a small amount of programming code or rewritten files so that I could use to get the Volt Blog to work in my uniques Hosting environment.

HE DID!!! He sent me a Volt Blog Custom bric and 2 additional custom .bex files.

Jannis was friendly, helpful, prompt and knowledgable. I highly recommend using Volt.

Thank you Jannis!