CMS advice please

There you go, I’ve just started using Blocs, partly because of it’s easy CMS integration and I now have a real live website to do!

Any thoughts on which of the Blocs ‘featured’ CMS is the best - Surreal, Cushy, Pulse, free October CMS!?

I haven’t used any of them before, and the setup within Blocs seems pretty straightforward, really wondering about the difficulty of the server set up and how user friendly they are to use.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’m biased to OctoberCMS. In fact it’s what lead me to using Blocs in the first place. It can have a bit of a learning curve depending on your previous experience, I had come from a Joomla background.
The ability to easily create custom plugins is a big sell for me.

Setup is easy, but it’s useful/well essential to have something like MAMP for local development. The free version works fine.

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Your needs may vary and all that but check out Volt. It is the only one made specifically for Blocs.

The server side set up couldn’t be much simpler and @Jannis is regularly on the forum to help.


If you need slmething which is easy to setup, I also can recommend Volt CMS. I also tested October CMS, but for me it was not that easy to setup the first time.


Plus One more for Volt. Although it depends on what your outcome needs to be. Volt fits a much needed area in the market. It’s excellent.


I’ve literally just purchased volt. CMA set up in 30 mins, videos by the author and @Eldar are just so simple I couldn’t turn it down


For the benefit of others:


Wow, thanks everyone.
Basically the client will need a few areas of editable text and be able to upload monthly pdf newsletters. I think that would be the extent.
I’ve just done a quick search for Volt but can’t seem to find it anywhere- could someone point me in the right direction please? loads of variations of Volt, but none seeming like a CMS’s system, more Human Resources!
Thanks again

Its on the Blocs store


Perfect, thanks very much, some serious reading to do. Apologies, I thought it was another standalone CMS like Pulse etc.
Much appreciated.

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Well ladies and gents, just sat through the videos and it looks perfect for what Im after for the immediate future. The only thing that seems to be missing is the ability to upload pdf’s but from the quick shot in Eldar’s video of forthcoming updates, it looks like it’s coming at some point.

One question though, I understand the bits about the name and hash to get you started, but how do you actually set your username and login for edits? That’s the only bit that seemed missing in the videos.

Once again, many thanks to you all for your suggestions, just purchased it.

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That could be like

  • administrator / admin
  • client_name
  • editor

Just make sure to use only alphanumeric characters as documented to keep special characters out of the username / login name.

Thanks InStacks, but I probably meant where do you actually set up the username and login? I get the hash bit, to activate that user, but not where you set them.

Sorry I don’t get you.

Inside the core bric, which you should place inside the global footer area.

Sorry, let’s try again, my fault.
Your screenshot is fine, you put the user name in (say “TrevReav”), then the generated hash code.
When you go to edit your site through the browser and go to the login page, your username would be “TrevReav” and what about the password? Is it the same as the hash, or can it be set up or changed to something more memorable?

Hi Trevor,

In the process of generation of hash, you put the password you want to remember. This passwords is being transform into the hash, which you put in Volt CMS, but the actual password you will use is the work you used for generation of hash.

Hope that’s clear.



Thanks Eldar - that explains it nicely - good Youtube videos btw.
I haven’t started using Volts yet, maybe if I had I could have answered my own question!

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I tried a few CMS in combination with Blocs, but since we habe VoltCMS I use this, its simple and not heavy weight like others, my 3 clients ( untill now) are happy as well, its easy to use, you do need to explain something to you clients about how to use it do. I know @Jannis is developing more things for VoltCMS. good luck!


Hello, my apologies for chiming in. I’m into Blocs for a year now and confident enough for a next step. Basically I built a website for a gaming-clan and each player as assets. I would like to create the possibility for each player to create his/her personal list of assets (basically Star Citizen spaceships) so that other can click the profiles and check those lists.

My former experience is with forums in php, I know CMS a bit but more as SAAS, can I do the same in CMS and which one would make my life as easy as possible? Thank you.

I would think Volt CMS would make that pretty easy. Just set up an editable area for this purpose, then make use of the bullet list or number list from the floating panel. Following each line break it would enter another list point. When you are done tick to save changes, then exit to logout.