CMS Choices working in Blocs 3

So many are trying to implement a simple CMS into Blocs. I know there are ample issues using a CMS with Blocs. We’re all hoping to see a CMS that works well and is easy for our clients, if they want to make simple edits to their sites, to happen soon.
Here is a list that I have not seen in the Forum. Of all the CMS listed here has anyone had success with their Blocs 3 projects?

  • License:
  • Server Language:
  • Database:
  • Self-Hosted:
  • Support Plugins/Extensions:

Others, not listed

342 listings of free and open-source CMS / Portals software

In case you missed it, this is already there:


I’m very much considering giving Volt a try @Jannis, it would be a good solution for a site I’m working on right now.
One thing, I may have missed it, can you see content within the design view of blocs?

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Good job on the tutorial @Jannis. :smile:
You made it look easy. Highly thinking about trying it.
How do I get a demo? Also how does the 50% off work? Is it applied with a special code?
Please be up front, are what are the limitations for VoltCMS?
One more thing. Will you be making any more videos?

Yes, you are able to preview already saved server content inside the preview of Blocs. It’s also shown in the video:

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A public demo will be available in January. I just send you a direct message to a private demo.

For example that the end user isn’t able to change e.g. color or font face of the content. This either the designer has to decide upfront, or allow the end user to choose from predefine specific styles (which you are preparing).

Yes, beginning of next year.


Pulse CMS works fine with Blocs. I have a few sites using it right now. Pretty powerful, but has a bit of a learning curve for the designer/builder of the website. I have posted elsewhere here in the forums about how I integrate Blocs/Pulse (I don’t use the built in Pulse Brics)

However for “simple edits” wait for Volt. I did some beta testing, and this will be what most people will be fine with. Simple to setup, simple to edit.


I was searching for something easy like Volt CMS, its an easy install and I updated one Blocs project with Volt CMS. Client is now able to change here own text ( pricing and conditions ) and upload here own pictures to a Photo-Gallery. The previewing of the CMS content in the Blocs preview is fantastic! Yesterday I had an other client asking me to change something on his website, I will update his site with a Volt CMS solution, so he can do this alone :smiley: Nice job @Jannis

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I have been busy with client projects and have to complete three jobs before Christmas, so I haven’t been able to test Volt as fully as I would like, however it already shows good promise and @Jannis has made some useful changes that will make it easy for Blocs users to manage.

Overall I think a lot of users will find it pretty solid for websites where clients want to make simple changes without destroying the styling you set as the designer. I’ll post a full review after Christmas.