CMS for blocs 4

Colleagues, who uses which CMS? Particularly interested in those in conjunction with Blox 4 - or those that are easy to integrate. I have read almost all the topics that we have on the forum. But neither the answer to my question or a clear recommendation, I have not found.

Now briefly about my problem - I need to make a few sites for various investment firms - and that users can change the content there on their own. All sites will be in several languages - about three. That is, the global footer will only be on the pages with English language - in other language versions, the footer will not be global. I wonder how VOLT CMS will work in this situation?

Here are all the options that Blocs itself offers to choose from:
1. Wordpress - would not want to mess with but as an option. I’m probably crooked but after several attempts to do something - I somehow didn’t quite get it - I still don’t understand how to create working themes and how users can then conveniently and simply edit the content. It turns out that we just do the theme for Worpress - and I understand that changes in the structure of the site should be done carefully.
2. October CMS Quite a complicated thing as I understand. You won’t be able to start it with a click of a button. Enough modern but do not want to hunt kilometre guide to smoke. 9 euros a year for the site - you can buy once and for all. There is a free fork - Winter CMS. Seems to be alive - it probably can be used for experiments.
3. Cushy is outdated paid rubbish. I don’t intend to use it.
4. Surreal seems cheap do not understand what is it. Seems to have fairly handy admin panel and free license for non-commercial projects. I will give it a try.
5. Pulse - also commercial, but seemingly modern. There is detailed documentation exactly in connection with Blocs PulseCMS Docs. I would buy it as an alternative, but it has enormous price tag 300 USD per year and free plan does not allow to use it at full extent. So, we regretfully cross it out.
6. Volt CMS the only thing not a subscription - 100 euros. But the possibility of a very primitive, let’s say. A file, for example, the user can not upload through an interface. Or am I wrong?
7. Сouch CMS - there is no direct integration with Blocs 4 but it seems easy enough to add support for this CMS to the site. And the great advantage that CMS does not interfere with the template of the static site. I had no experience with it yet. Judging by the required version of PHP is not very modern. But it is completely free if you do not need White Lablel.

Which CMS would you recommend to have a look at? A wider functionality than the one I have written will not be needed yet.

Volt CMS 100%


Volt allows users to add files to a specific location on the site? A PDF file for example. Judging by the demo on the website and user feedback - there is no such functionality yet. Or am I wrong?

Only in combination with

Not different than any other static content defined in Blocs.

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I got it. Please clarify this point - and a license for 100 euros is purchased for each project?
Or if I have several sites I can buy once and use on all projects?

I can confirm that Volt is a one time fee. I used it to build 13 sites for one client alone. If you are using Blocs and need a CMS, Volt is great solution for many situations.


Another big, fat (like me) vote for Volt CMS from me.


If you’re referring to the pricing, it’s for unlimited sites.

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A little update for newcomers.
So I decided all the same on Volt CMS - all the other solutions were so complicated in terms of implementation - that I just do not have the time and energy to understand them.

It turned out that even if Volt CMS has some disadvantages - but its benefits exceed them many times over.
There is the addition of custom classes to the text - which you can pre-define what is important. It’s the same with photos.
In general, if there are doubters like me - try it.
Volt is supported and works like a clock. And it’s easier to install and use than any other CMS I’ve seen.

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I’m curious what disadvantages concern you. Not to bash the product…rather because I would like to know and @Jannis cant look at what he doesn’t know about. -Thsnks!

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@Newbie I think you may have discovered what others here have found. Yes Volt is not perfect, though Jannis offers terrific support and there is ongoing development. One other benefit is that there are other Volt users here, whereas you are likely to be completely on your own if you go with something like Surreal or Cushy.

There are other CMS options for Blocs, however they all seem to be over complicated, expensive or both. I think that is why most of us eventually settle on Volt as the only sensible option.

I am excluding WordPress from this, because that is a whole different kind of CMS with various pros and cons, not least the learning curve. For most of us Volt is the obvious solution.


Trying my best to make it so :v:

Thanks! That often missed. A CMS system is quite server heavy and has to deal with various different environments. Therefore, support is often more complicated than with frontend only add-ons.

Lots of planned improvements, new features, and better integration for the future.


Volt is one of, if not the best valued Brics you can purchase for Blocs.

Just my 2 :coin:


As a long time Pulse user - STAY AWAY FROM Pulse… It is basically abandonware at this point, which is too bad as I was one of the people really invested in the Pulse ecosystem, and quite the evangelist as well.

I have been converting all my Pulse websites to other platforms (I had over 20 of them) and don’t recommend it at all to anybody anymore. Here in Blocs world, I cannot say enough good things about @Jannis and his Volt CMS, his support is stellar, and he is very responsive to the community.


I’m curious what disadvantages concern you. Not to bash the product…rather because I would like to know and @Jannis cant look at what he doesn’t know about. -Thsnks!

I was concerned about the editor’s limitations.
But in the process, I found that it’s not so limited - you can apply classes to text as you do to photos.
But here is an unsolvable problem - the ability to add files to the site and give them a link in the text of the site.
But it is feasible through Repository Manager - which I am now trying to do.

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