CMS Image Gallery


Hi there!
I would need to create an image gallery for Pulse CMS so that the client will be able later on to add, whenever needed, new Pictures… unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any solution for it.
I would very much appreciate for any Help/Suggestions… Thanks :wink:


Why not using the Pulse CMS inbuilt Image Gallery with the tag




I hoped to have a bit more flexibility… the one in Pulse CMS 4 is a little old style… Pulse 5 has Masonry now… but that’s it… no more than that. Thank you anyway for the suggestion.


Interesting @andrea.biasutti!

It Pulse5 there are 3 built-in gallery options:

  • modern Lightbox framework
  • mansonry
  • thumbnails to link to pages or further galleries

What were you hoping for?

There are also a couple of cool ones from the community you might have missed too: