Collapsing Accordion

hi, that’s a great job and I will use that example for my FAQ section.

I would love if you could do the similar html coding for tabs :pray:t2:
When I tried to copy/paste the tab example in bootstrap 4.0 documentation html it didn’t work properly :confused:

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Until now BlocsApp uses Bootstrap 3

With the next bigger Update (BlocsApp version 3), which in general will come once later this year, Bootstrap 4 will be used.

So already try to use an Bootstrap 3 Tab example for now.

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Guys, I just completed a project that used accordians quite a bit in different areas. (click on one of the “LEARN MORE” buttons at the top).

I’d like to be able to control screen position when an accordion CTA button is clicked, and also be able to control the screen position once the accordion “CLOSE” button is clicked. On the website mentioned above, I set the action of the “CLOSE” button to redirect to the same page, therefore refreshing it and at least leading the viewer back to the top of the page where the buttons are visible from. But ideally, I’d like to be able to lead the viewer back to say, the top of the buttons, rather than the very top of the page.

Ideally too, I agree that when a second menu item (if it exists) is clicked, all other accordion sections would automatically close. This is basic intuitive behavior in my opinion. On this recent job (for the link shown above), my client was unhappy with the behavior of the accordions. It left the visitor feeling lost at times if they didn’t close sections one at a time.

At the very least, we need to be able to perform these 2 actions: Toggle the section closed AND utilize an anchor to set the position of the page once a section is opened and/or closed. Hope that all made sense.

I think I need more coffee… Warm Regards, Randy

@DanielF, thanks for the lead on the FAQ bric! I’ve purchased other widgets from Bill @ brics designs as well, but somehow missed seeing that one! Cheers - Randy