Color overlay with opacity on background image

Is there a way (pre-export) to do this?

Pixelmator. Or Photoshop if you must. Choose your colour and overlay type.

HI :slight_smile:
Is in blocs 3.3 a tool to do this overlay color (with opacity control) over background image ?
Maybe in this new version it is (this question is from `17)
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I found how to do it! (with a problem on text being affected by the opacity)


  1. create a block and add a class to it with the background colour of your wish. Also in this class you can set the top and bottom padding to 0 ir order to show in full screen.
  2. assign a custom class to the container and here add the back ground image, then in this class go to the last tab called “Show Shadow setting” and select the in appearance the opacity of your like.


BUT here is a problem : :frowning:
-The opacity of the text (h1,h2,hx) takes the opacity too so the text is faded :frowning: how to solve this problem?
here an image:


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Although Blocs does have a darken and darker option under the texture option in the background section of the properties panel, it doesn’t yet have an option to specify a colour. It’s simpler to use a photo editing app to create the overlay effect you want and simply add the resulting image to your bloc background.

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