Colors in Class Editor

When I want to change the color in the Class Editor, sometimes it doesn’t change.
Please look at the included screenshot.

I’ve had times where it worked perfectly and times where it doesn’t work. It’s on both gradients and just regular color changes, old and new files. That makes me think I’m doing smth wrong but I can’t figure out what that would be?

I’ve had this issue in Blocs 2 and now Blocs 3 as well.

Does it actually work when you close the class editor and preview the page? Remember that you have three states to edit i.e normal, active and hover.

No it doesn’t. And sometimes I manage to make the :hover work for example, but then later can’t re-edit it. So it happens that in my preview mode the hover works, but then in browser it doesn’t… Just seems like such a major bug had to be fixt by now.

This happened also in Blocs 2

Your settings are made with gradiant and sometimes Blocs doesn´t want to go back to image & colour settings.
To work around just set both ends of the gradient to your preferred clolour.

I’ll give that a try