Colour Picker opacity

Please, please can we have an opacity slider in the colour picker palettes. It opens up a whole new world of options.


Agreed, hopefully it’s still being worked on as talked about here:

PS: Skala Color is nice huh. :wink:

OK I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants this. I thought it was a built in part of OS X and I use it constantly when building websites.

Last night I read that you can use NSColorPanelMBS class from MBS Plugins but this is probably something that Norm would have to implement, assuming it would work with Blocs:

Yes the Skala Color Picker is excellent. I have rarely looked at the others since installing this. For the benefit of others here is the download link

The opacity option is switched off for global swatches, however, you can still use opacity with colours applied via a class. The global swatches need to be re-engineered in order to support opacity, I’m certain it will happen but I can’t give a time frame right now.

That’s good to know, Norm.

It’s a PIA not to have straight-forward opacity control.

We’re all waiting… :wink:


@pauland I remember you mentioned this during the original 2.0 beta, you will have your wish, one of these days :sunglasses:

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LOL, if only it were true in life!

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There is no rush on this. Anytime before Tuesday will be fine. :slight_smile:

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Any progress made on including an opacity slider in the colour picker? It would be nice to see this in 2.5 or earlier.