Colour swatch has gone mad!

The first swatch in Global Swatches with the red line across it does not work anymore. If I am not wrong, it’s supposed to cancel aka delete the colour but it doesn’t. I also can’t delete a swatch that is #FEFFFF. It’s almost white but not. In the side menu, this colour doesn’t have a cross next to it to delete it. So you can’t delete it there or inside the global swatch window. Help! Please fix bug. Thank you.

In what version?

Red line is as far as I understand transparent i.e no colour; swatch removal is with the minus top right of global swatches as of 2.2.2 or x in side bar unless added through custom class.

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Hi simon, I am using 2.2.2. I realised that the 2 swatches after the first one with the red line can’t be deleted. But I can still change their colour. I changed the colour for the second swatch to a darker gray. But the 3rd swatch won’t switch to complete white #FFFFFF. Instead it’s stuck at #FEFFFF. So hoping it can be fixed. Thank you.

This is a OSX colour profiling issue I’m working on.

Ha-ha :wink: I thought it’s my mistake, but it’s not. Had the same issue with white colour…