Columns - widths and offsets

I have 3 rows, each with 4 columns. Trying to adjust appropriately for each breakpoint:

What I would like is:
For desktop: 3x3x3x3 (4 columns)
For tablet: 6x6 (2 columns)
For mobiles: 12 (1 column)

But every time I change the column widths, they change for each breakpoint.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Start at the bottom (mobile) and work your way up.

Edit: Actually, here you go, a custom Bloc you can install, set up to what you want.

test layout.bex (8.0 KB)

Great, thanks @Norm

That worked

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How do I use that Bloc? I can’t find it when I want to put it on a page.

It’ll be under structure first cat.