Comic strip website?

Beginner here. I would like to build a simple website for a one panel comic strip

I guess I would use some kind of photo gallery for the strips, clicking on a thumbnail to get a full size image. Each day there would be a new comic in the first position so all the previous comics would have to automatically move down (meaning I don’t want to have to re-create the gallery layout every day). Is this something I could do with Blocs?

Also, would I have to create multiple pages for when there are 100s of comics? Or can it be a one pager? (I would host the images elsewhere.)

And would need to responsive.

Thank you.

Blocsapp does the responsive part, no problem.

The photo gallery would operate pretty much as you describe and it can support remote image references.

The photo gallery doesn’t support the idea of adding a new image at the top and all the others will push down. The gallery can be made to work in the way that you want, but you’ll need to edit the gallery row and change the number of columns and add in an image. When the row is filled, you add a new row. I attached an example of how it would look.

By default the image sizes will change according to the number of columns. You can keep the same size always and load a background colour into the unused spot, but that would look clunky in the mobile view by default.

The message is that you can use Blocsapp to build the gallery, but it won’t be quite as straight-forward as adding a picture and the top row layout will be as you like it.

Download the trial and have a play.

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Hello Pauland,

I have similar questions concerning creating galleries. I understand that you can’t update the top row without redesigning the page. What I still don’t think you’ve answered was do you need to create a new page for each image clicked in a gallery.

The following link is the site of a fine artist who’s site design I’d like to immitate. She has it set up so that when you click an image it opens in a new page on its own with the forward and back buttons at the top.

Would I have to create a page for every image in the main gallery or is there a way to automate the process.

Thanks for your help!

The link that you provided does seem to have a page for each image. Easy but tedious to do in blocsapp, but no matter which program that you use it would still require that you enter the details and images for each picture. You can just duplicate the page and change the image and details for each artwork.

Another option would be to create a gallery page of thumbnails and have a link on each image that opens a larger image in a lightbox. If you needed to, you could create a whole set of image files that contain the larger image plus text. You would then use the “alternative Image” option to display the larger image in the lightbox. These larger images are included in a separate bloc on the same page which can be hidden. This way, when the page is viewed, no-one sees the larger images unless they click on a thumbnail. The disadvantage of this method is that any text content included in the larger lightbox image isn’t text - it’s all converted to a single image. This means that your lightbox images would have to be created in an external application such as Affinity Designer, Pixelmator or PhotoShop.

Thank you both for your advice on this. I think I’ll set up a template page for the larger images then, that should help a bit. I am trying to avoid turning any text into image graphics anywhere on my site.

How did you get on Mark?