Comparing page builders

Hello all.

I’m hoping it’s ok to post this here as I’m looking to find out more about Blocs.

I’m new to web design but have used Webflow, a bit of Divi and looked at Elementor. Webflow was too expensive and Divi and Elementor are bloated.

I’ve looked at blocs website and a bit of YouTube but can’t find too much in the way of detailed info or comparison to other page builders - fully appreciate blocs is not Wordpress but I’d be really keen to know if any of you have worked with other builders and what the key advantages and disadvantages are about blocs.

Really appreciate your time and wish you all a great 2021

Why not download the demo, have a play with it and see for yourself? :slight_smile:


I tried Webflow (along with Everweb, Sparkle and one or two more) before Blocs - so that was maybe 15 months or so ago. It may have come on a bit since then, but for me, at the time, Blocs overtook it within a couple of days of using it.
A. great big advantage of Blocs for me is that ‘out of the box’ you can get a reliable, solid, responsive page, and although I’m no coder, with a bit of knowledge you can also stretch the boundaries. So it’s great for beginners/non-coders and professionals alike.
Not directly linked to Blocs programme itself, but the help here is fantastic, and now there’s a CMS especially made for Blocs which makes life soooooooo much easier.
As @Pumpkin says, have a go with the demo. Don’t be initially put off by (possibly) a different way of working, just go with it and see what you can achieve.

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Have you seen these videos? Not ‘comparison’ but shows what you can do with blocs (noting we are on blocs 4)

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Welcome to the Blocs forum @Smirnoffkopite .

I think Blocs will be able to assist you greatly in that regard. You can see some sites made with Blocs and also get access to some great tutorials from Blocs Master.

Aside from using the trial, you should gain a good understanding by reading through the documentation and by viewing the official Blocs videos.
Blocs V4 is a one off purchase that you own forever. There is no subscription or recurring fees and all future Blocs V4 updates come for free.
Build custom Wordpress themes, with no dependencies on builder plugins or unnecessary bloat and do it all without writing code.

I think Blocs sounds like a good fit for you. Let us know your thoughts after you’ve tested the trial and learned more about the app.

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Oxygen Builder is undoubtedly the best builder for WordPress. It has no bloat & fast to load.

It is unlike all other builders for 2 reasons.

First, it does not have a theme. If you load a theme, it will disable it. Instead, you design every aspect of your website, as you would like it to look. In other words, you start with a wireframe or pen/pencil & paper, draw out your website & then design it in Oxygen. You will not be confined by a theme/builder.

Second, it is not for newbies. You need to learn HTML, CSS, javascript & php, although if you are willing to learn, you will get a great deal of help from Oxygen’s tutorials & its excellent community. Both Louis & Elijah will respond in the Facebook forum. There is a course for beginners which is excellent by Jonathan at Permaslug; rather like Eldar for Blocs.

It all depends on what you want. If you want to get a website up and running with WordPress quickly then there’s nothing wrong with Divi or Elementor. However, if you want to build a website on a different level using WordPress, Oxygen builder.

Blocs is different in that the website doesn’t have to be tied to WordPress & Blocs 4 has had a very good review.

My advice. Download Blocs to try as a demo. Norm is amazing and very supportive. He also listens to his users.

Download Oxygen for a 30 day trial & get an immediate refund if you don’t like it; or use their demo areas in the cloud. Try Divi & Elementor.

Only you can determine what you like. There’s more than one way to design a website!

Good luck!

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Really appreciate all your replies. I’m trying out the demo. A quick query I can’t find an answer to - I’ve got a site project where they want a feedback form which would load into the site, a bit like Google reviews showing up on their site- is that possible in blocs?

Blocs really makes it straightforward and simple to accomplish what you want if you can think structurally, @Norm has really done a lot to fill in the gaps and expand the app while the community is incredibly helpful.