Conditional link in the Top Global Area


I have created the German version of my website. In the Top Global Area I have a FAQ link (Navigate to URL-> index.html#faq) and the Top Global Area is the same for both languages.

I would like to link the FAQ to the German page if the visitor has entered the Home German page and to the Italian page, if the visitor has entered the Home Italian page.

The German Page is called “Home-De” and the Italian home page just “Home”.

How could I achieve this?

Please advise, thanks,


You can have different menus on different pages. Just move the navigation into the dynamic area, and then edit it accordingly for each page. I show how to do something similar in the video below.


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Thanks Eldar,
this is true and I have already done that with the menu.

But (just to learn something new) would it be possibile to customise the link leaving it in the Global Area, for instance defining the value of a variable every time the German or the Italian home page are loaded?