Configuring the audio block to play multiple mp3 files

I’ve just started using Blocs version 5.1 and so far everything is going fine. I am not a professional web designer, but I do have an IT background and am a long time Mac user so I’ve been reading tutorials and watching the videos, but I haven’t found an answer to my question yet.

My assets folder has 13 audio files, and I want the audio player block to play each one in sequence. Setting the source file for the audio player is not a problem, but I want it to play all of them in turn. I tried the normal ways of selecting multiple files but that doesn’t appear to work in this context.

How can I configure the audio player play all of the audio files in sequence?

Are you using @Archytypon audio player bric?
If so, you just add them in the order you want, but I don’t believe they can autoplay one file to the next, not sure.
Same if you’re dragging audio files onto the workspace in the order you’d like them. They all occupy their own little column and won’t autoplay from one to the next.
The second route is the way I went on Media

I’m using the default audio player block that comes with Blocs. I’ll look for the @Archytypon block… as soon as I figure out how do that :wink:

Just dropped in to say I did get @Archytypon’s player block and it works a treat. Thanks for the recomendation.