Contact Form Errors

I have built over 30 sites using blocs and never have had a problem with the form but my latest site, I can’t get rid of this error Sorry it seems that our mail server is not responding, Sorry for the inconvenience! Any help would be great!

anybody have an answer to this? Its doing it again

This would appear to be a server issue. You should check it with your hosting company. It could be that your host is preventing mail from being sent via its servers to email addresses outside of your domain (maybe to a gmail address). You can check this by setting up the form to send to an email address ending in your domain name. If the mail is delivered, you will know what the cause of the problem is. The only effective ways of dealing with this issue (if that is the cause) is by sending the form data through SMTP - your host will tell you how to do that. The other way would be to set up an email address on your domain to process the form data, and then have that email address forward the email to the correct address. This isn’t always successful - it depends what security measures your host may have set up to prevent them becoming a spam gateway.

My assumption that it’s your host’s server that is causing the problem is in the error message itself “OUR mail server is not responding” This may have been a recent change to your hosting company’s policies, which would explain why you haven’t seen the issue before.

nope. I have many sites set up on the same server. I have no issues.

Are those sites using email addresses outside of the domain on which they are hosted? I would still check with your hosting support. They would be in a position to check out your form and see what is happening at the server.

Did you manage to get round this? I have the exact same problem. I have two forms on the site. One works fine and the the other has the ’ Sorry it seems that our mail server is not responding, Sorry for the inconvenience!’ message.