Contact form help needed

Still very new to this. I have set up a contact form and uploaded it to my host. When setting up the form in the “send to” box I have put the email address I want the form submitted to. In the “from” box I have just put “message from your website”.

When I test the form live I get the message “Sorry our mail server is not responding…” which is the default fail message in Blocs.

What do I have to do to get the form working, specifically what does my host need to do to allow this to work. Do I need an email address from the same domain as my website?

This might be that the email is being seen as spoofed, if possible I would recommend sending from an email account that shares the same domain.

The from field needs to be the sending email. That might be an email address of your choice or it may have to be an email associated with your domain.

In my case I actually use the user name for my web hosting account @ the server name, but the easiest way to check this is by asking your web hosts what the server requirements are.

Thanks. I’ll speak to my hosting people.

I agree that contacting your host provider is a good idea. I too was having trouble with my contact form, and then contacted GoDaddy (who is my host provider) and here is what the representative wrote to me about what solved the problem:

“it seems that the recipient e-mail inside of includes/form_1.php was set to a default, after changing this to your e-mail, it seems to have started working!”

Ever since then my contact form has been working. To be honest I really don’t understand what happened, but hopefully that will help someone.

Many thanks for writing this! I too use GoDaddy and your explanation helped me understand the fields on the form and where they end up, by reading that form_1.php file.

Many of my test messages ended coming all at once, into my junk folder! So check there too, people!