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When submitting forms, on contact pages, it says submitted successfully, but emails do not arrive to specified email. I have changed to multiple emails still not working.

Hi Noah,

Check with your server provider to make sure you can post forms on your server that are not processed with SMTP.

Does your server support none SMTP form posting? Blocs doesn’t support form posting over SMTP.

You can perform a test using two email accounts (From and To) that are not from your domain, for example Gmail accounts.

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Where do you write your contact email - on the Submit button I have only option INTERACTION > SUBMIT FORM but where do I write my email so it gets sent. Thank you, Mike

You type your email address in the send to field. This must be ok because you get the success message. However, you may find your host will only allow the sending of responses to emails associated with the domain (those that end with @yourdomain). They do this to try and prevent their servers from becoming spam gateways. Best to check with them to see if they have any restrictions.

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Thanks hendon52 - I found it a minute after writing my question. You have to select the FORM and in settings there is the regular - TYPE, SEND TO, FROM etc. I thought the link has to be within the SUBMIT button, not in the FORM itself.