Controlling Lightbox thumbnails alignment and/or size on phones

on phones, my lightbox thumbnails appear in a single column (normal) but are flush left and I do not seem to be able to change their alignment, although when I click on one of them it allows me to set an alignment on the sidebar. It would also be nice to be able to control their size although that is less important at this point. See one of my galleries at

Do you have a custom class .classmenu ?

It’s applied to the thumbnails which restricts them to 50% width, if that’s what you want I’d align them in the class too.

I never applied that custom class, but will try and do so and see what happens.

I have been unable to center the thumbnails using .classmenu, in part because there is no option to center in the class manager, except for the typography settings, it exists on the sidebar only when it comes to images. That does not work either for phone mode.I have no idea why the default of the lightbox is to flush the thumbnails left while shrinking them.


Set the margin for one side only then type auto in the margin input.

Default is also 100% width, so alignment wouldn’t normally matter.

I got it to work and it looks a lot better centered. The shrinking problem seems to have gone away on its own with the new commercial release I just got.

Thank you.