Convert Pulse project back to Non-Pulse?

Hello gang… I have exported a Blocs project as Pulse, but now need to RE-EXPORT is as a NON-PULSE format, just HTML. When I try to do that, Blocs freezes upon export. Anyone know how to revert a project back to regular HTML? @Norm? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, Randy

Does this help your situation ?

Thanks @Blocs_User, I’ll give that a try… Warm Regards, Randy

I scoured every page and don’t see anything wrapped in a CMS block at all. (so I couldn’t “unwrap” anything). There’s no easy way in Blocs to check to see if/where any Pulse CMS-designations exist. :confused: Is there possibly a work-around? (ie: can I save each page separately as a template, then basically recreate the whole website as a new Blocs project, then try exporting as HTML? Thanks in advance for any help… Randy

SOLVED. While I had no content wrapped as Pulse objects, I did see that in the Project settings, under “Project CMS”, I had Pulse selected in the dropdown. By changing that to “All Available” it reverted back to a non-CMS state and I was able to export it normally as HTML. Warm Regards, Randy