Cookie consent pop-ups doesn't appear anymore

Great work! Thanks!
But as @Wam mentioned, the whole lot doesn´t make sense if one cannot change the language - At Least.
Wish @Bill upgrades his version (with rearranging JS to footer…?)
Not cool, having major changes within one version.
Still admire your efforts!
Happy weekend
Cheers Karl

Hi guys,

Do you still need to use a cookie pop up if you already have links to individual pages for privacy, cookies, terms etc?

Thanks in advance

It will depend on your site.
If it is a business site within EU you will certainly need to inform your visitors about the use of cookies and datas (form, google maps, google fonts, analytics, facebook etc.)
Here you can read more:

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Have the same problem with Blocs 3.2.4. Is there a solution?

If you are using the cookie Bric I made, just use the latest version.

Isn’t it possible to make this update process intelligent, so blocsapp notify you there’s a update from the, then you can select it to update, while blocsapp then “reset” the bric(s) within your project? Then everything would work like it should be … in my opinion :wink:

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Yeah its built in already but it requires that Extension Manager be opened.

Most of my Brics support in app updating now.

I’ll roll it out so it automatically checks in a future update meaning extension manager will not need to be open.


does anyone know where the info goes of someone who is visiting the site who agrees with the cookies?

is there a registration of an ip address for example?



I have the latest version and it’s not working for me. Any suggestions?

Have you found a solution? It does not work for me either.