Cookie consent pop-ups doesn't appear anymore



Just noticed that with all updated web pages under 3.2.3 I do not see my cookie consent pop-ups any more - Does anyone know the problem?


Hello @Phil, do you use the bric from the store or a html bric?


Actually I use the bric from the store
but I also use the “modal bric” as pop-up on another side…
Both doesn’t work anymore?


I also couldn’t get the Cookie Bric from the store to work. Nothing happens … I went back to my old version where I pasted the code from Insight manually in the site settings, which works fine.


Had the same problem. I then copied this code line into the header area. Now it works again.

<script src="//"></script>


It worked before the 3.2.3 update. Now not even the preview in the browser works!


@Phil, yes, from version 3.2.3 on Javascript libraries are loaded at the end of the document and not any more in the head of the document. So @Norm has to change the Cookie consent bric, to be compatible with that.

(Loading the js code at the end of the document has the advantage that the page loads faster)


Cookie consent pop-ups are so annoying. Why even have them.


@webplus I don’t understand coding at all, but wouldn’t it be better for this to place the code in the header, because isn’t the idea, that the cookie consent loads at the very first before anything else can download any other cookie, so that the user can deny any cookies? Which, in itself is strange, because with the code from the Insite page their cookie is the first cookie that is downloaded to the visitor in order to show the cookie consent. How weird is this. :laughing:

This is why I tried your cookie bric Sticky Alert with its “Dummy Cookie”. However, I think your bric has bug, because one of the colours is not working as expected. I changed the colour settings, but to no avail.


That means all websites need to be switched back to the old html Cookie Consent Warning?

I’m a bit disappointed with Blocs… Further development is a great thing, but I’m currently only working on problems with websites that have worked well in the past :thinking:


Sad but true. But it’s the law now in the EU, and if you don’t inform the visitor that your site uses cookies you risk getting a letter from some lawyer with a bill for €1000. I personally know of 3 small businesses that have gotten nailed. The same is true for google fonts or anything else that captures the users IP and sends it somewhere …


Thanks @gary that something I was not aware of. Let’s hope that law does not come to the US.


Hello @StFoldex,

the Sticky Alert Bric is not from me, it is from @Bill

The Cookie Consent bric is from @Norm, he is aware of the problem and I think he will update it soon.

I only had similar problems with my brics ( It is why I fast recognised the same problem with this bric as well.


Sorry my mistake. I will inform Bill. Thanks @webplus


No problem. I already looked for a signature or adding some text to the name, but do not found such a possibility. Most developers have an other url then their user name here in the forum. So for most users it is hard to make the relation.


yea it sucks. Since the new EU privacy law went into effect, the internet has gone back to the stone age. No google Maps, no Google fonts, no embedded YouTube videos … if you put a contact form on a site you have to inform the visitor that you will be saving his personal data and he has to check a box to agree with that before the form can be sent. Etc. etc. …

You can still use all that stuff, it’s is just so messy making it conform to the new law that most small businesses just say “remove it completely”, because they don’t want to deal with the hassle possible infringements.

And WordPress is a nightmare because every plug-in has to be checked if it comforms to the data privacy law.


EU Bric V1.0.1 is now available and fixes the issues introduced in Blocs v3.2.3.

Happy Trails :pray:


Will it auto update from inside the app or need to redownload from the store?



I installed version new the Bric “Cookie Consent” in version 3.2.4.-beta-build1 of Blocs and as you can see in the video, the “Cookie Policy” tab that appears at the bottom left can hardly be seen to position yourself on top and that the banner of the Cookie Consent appears.

In addition, the name in English “Cookie Policy” is predefined and I ask: Would it be possible for it to be an editable field, in order to put the text in any language?



You can update via Blocs Extension Manager as long as you have 3.2.3 or above. You will need to reset the Bric in your project (right click it on the Blocs design canvas - Reset). That fixes it, it will require the styling to be re-applied.