Cookie crawler and block

I am about to publish a web site and I am worried about GDPR compliance, in particular about cookies. I have not added anything to my site, no analytics, …

How can I check if there are any cookie that I need to block without user consent?

Please advise, thanks!

You may not have added any cookies, but if your site contains web fonts or links to social media sites, you would be wise to include a warning to visitors that your site may contain cookies. These can be planted by external sites that you link to.

How can I check for it?

I think you should visit any sites that you link to and see what cookies they plant on your site. Certainly, if you have anything involving Google - such as fonts, maps or analytics, then you can be fairly certain that cookies will be involved. There is no way to check in Blocs itself, so you just have to do some research of the third-party stuff you may incorporate into your site. Personally, I think it’s easier to create a cookie policy for site visitors that explains that you don’t collect information or use cookies, but third party sites that they may visit from links within your site may use cookies. This way, you’re covered.

Clear, can you please show me an example or a indicate a site that could help me? I am getting crazy with this compliance!


You may find this link helpful
You can key in the url of your own site AND the URL’s of sites you may link to. For example, Attached is the result when checking facebook. If you have a facebook link on your site, you may be liable to inform your visitors. In most cases, you could probably rely on facebooks own cookie notice. If someone clicks a facebook link, if they do not have an account, they will usually be advised about the cookie policy.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I have decided to use the service of CookieYes to block unwanted cookies.

I have a doubt, after the configuration they provide a text to be

pasted it between the <head> and </head> tags of your website prior to all other scripts.

My question is, shall I add this text after the <head> in EACH html file/page of my site or it is sufficient to add it to the index.html page?

Please advise, thanks!

Cookieyes have it on all their link pages so I guess it’s best adding it to the project header via code editor.

Thanks, can you please advise where I can find the code editor for the project header?

And remember there’s a cookie bric in the Blocs store…

I am still with Blocs 2 so so cookie bric for me. So my question is, shall I add the Cookieyes script to every page of the site or just to the home page?

And how shall I do this?

Please help me, I am stuck with it,

Window > Code Editor (⌥⌘C) then Project - Header

Also in Blocs? I can not find it!

What version of Blocs do you have?


Any idea?

I’ve only had Blocs just over a week so I have no idea what V2 was like. Maybe someone else has that version?

Hi, as far as I remember, Code Editor wasn’t in Blocs ver. 2. If you need to add code, you can do that by going to Page Settings.