Cookie madness!

Hi all,

Sorry to bring up another cookie post!!!

On many websites I am building for my live streams, my clients have asked me to copy their terms of there main website and cookie policy from this on there.

This is all fine - they are happy.

I have just started using the Cookie Bric from the Blocs store which is nice and simple and works well, but just wondering for those that use cookie policy text for your own websites, do you tend to just use a generic wording? I have some notes on this which was posted a while back from @Flashman and a few others on the text they use.

How is your process for cookie policy wording.

(The bric has a URL on there - I take it this is purely as a demo and not to be kept on?

Thanks all

I tend to use generic wording in cases where no cookies are in use, which is usually the case for websites built for smaller businesses when they just want a brochure style website.

In situations where cookies are present that can be edited to include reference to those cookies and what they are doing. If you run a cookie audit you can find the cookies in use, then locate the appropriate cookie policy wording online.

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I think this will be perfect for all the sites I am building also.

I just find the whole cookie policy baffling as seems that the laws change.

It’s amazing when you look at many big corporate websites in the UK and large website companies that many have no cookie policy at all, and when you look at the site, they clearly should do.

I suspect changes in law and technology will drive everything towards local storage, so this will become less of an issue.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the information commissioner in the UK has long understood it’s a bit of a nonsense as evidenced by this website, which has been online now for over 5 years without issue.


This is a website which I saw heavily featured on many forums.

It tends to generate your company name, which is no problem to do manually anyway - but I guess this is a start to get your policy started and can edit it going forwards.

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Just for the record I am all in favour of online privacy and hate it when websites claim they care so much about our privacy that they want permission to follow us all over the internet. The whole business has been implemented extremely badly and users are now clicking accept all by default just to get through the barrage of popups.

Browsers have had cookie controls for as long as I can remember, so we may actually have less privacy now by granting websites the opportunity to override those settings.

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