Copy | Paste not keeping the format

We all use Copy / Paste function. Has anyone else notice all forms of formatting are lost with pasting into Blocs? What a pain this is! Is there any editor we can use that Blocs would recognize, maintaining the format, that could be pasted into Blocs?

I have the exact same behavior when copying / pasting with Bloc 3.0.x

When I copy > paste a bloc containing a paragraph, or a formatted title, the pasted element reset the formatting.

This is correct behaviour in Blocs and done for very good reason. You really don’t want to paste formatted text into a design app, because it can contaminate the page code and wreck the formatting.

Blocs should strip out all formatting in theory when pasting text, but some documents like Word files are notorious for causing problems, so I installed a free app called Paste Plain Text that strips all formatting from copied text to ensure the text you paste is clean.

You should use Blocs to style your text and not rely on copy pasting. Apart from anything else you will also find that apps will run a lot more smoothly when pasting in plain text and less likely to exhibit strange behaviour when previewed or published.


Hi John @Webox

Within Blocs you need to duplicate the bloc or the bric to retain the same formatting.



Well me I don’t see it as such a good thing, because it takes a lot of work to format in Blocs.
Especially when I’m transferring work I’ve already done elsewhere and want to bring it into Blocs. I have to reformat everything.
Example have a document file. Let’s just say it’s an HTML, I did all the work and it already it would like to bring it into blocs so it’s responsive and I can use anywhere. This is a great example because I’ve already done all the work, but can’t paste it into Blocs.

Now that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

If you really want to paste in html that serves a purpose and cannot be easily achieved in Blocs, then use the code widget bric.

What you shouldn’t be doing is copying rainbow coloured text from a web page or Word doc and pasting it into a bloc with the idea of reproducing those fonts, colours or alignment etc. That’s just plain bad practice that will only lead to problems. Blocs has so far been saving you in that regard.

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I definitely under that that trying to paste that kind of formatting it not good.

A pet peeve actually. When you see people who have copied and pasted into CMS’s and you end up with all sorts of crap on the page. Light grey backgrounds behind text, different formatting. The amount of times I’ve had to fix people adding content.

I know blocs isn’t a CMS, but the same principal applies.

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