For a footer item I need to insert copyright bla bla coffee shop
I have located the copyright symbol in FONT AWSOME, but how to I insert the icon into a block of text please

just use this that is as text:

You could also use the Mac’s character viewer to select a copyright symbol. Just select the Letterlike Symbols option and select the Copyright symbol from the centre panel (double-click to insert it into your text).

On your keyboard type option + g

That gives you ©

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Not on all keyboards. option + g on my keyboard gives me  .

It should be possible to find out whatever shortcut is needed and then remember it for future reference.

Use © to get ©


I always for the problem like that copy sign from the internet and then paste it into place I want it. :slight_smile: Of course not to many people remember shortcuts for most of signs.

Thanks Handon52 and all. On this occasion “OPT+G” works a-dream