Create account for users

Hi, how can I create a sign up page and a login page for users on the website? I want to show some pages only to registered users

Hello @theenrico, you can use Sitelok from
If I remember correctly, some forum users are already using this on their Blocs sites.

How can I use it? Iā€™m new in blocs


We have a supplementary manual which shows the specifics of using Sitelok with Blocs. You can download this from (scroll down to the manuals section and its called Using Sitelok with Blocs).

Contact us directly if you have any questions.


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@vibralogix Does the site need to be a SSL site to encrypt the username/password or does the sitelok code provide encryption?

Looks like a great product!

Sorry for the delay. You should ideally use SSL on your site to encrypt data (and username/password) from the browser to your site.