Creating a Store or Buy Now


I’ve searched the Forum and have found little on Creating a Store or Buy Now.
I cannot find any template or Blocs websites using this important feature.
I have need for my customers to order Services / Products from there PayPal or major Credit Card?
Are there any template available?
Has anyone else had this need?
Do anyone know any Blocs website that use this?



You could build a store in Blocs and add products the way you like.
Then use to get your product and run your shop.

Design, website and shop are for you to style the way you want.
No template



Cool info :slight_smile:
Did you ever get Shopify to work? I notice you had some thoughts in E-Commerce Integration.


Also I found this, but not yet tested it.


Never heard of these guys before. Should I be handing bank details to some company I’ve never heard of?


We made a Blocs PayPal Cart project here:

@pauland - completely understand this!
That said, I know from friends who know them that they are cool group of guys out of Canada and a genuine Startup.

It’s a shopping cart so your bank details are safe with PayPal/Stripe or another gateway, the Snipcart part is just about putting products in a cart and handling the checkout process and billing via PayPal/Stripe - so safe!

We made a Pulse CMS integration also:

It’s a great platform and I’d completely recommend using it. And would work perfectly with Blocs as it’s aimed at static sites :heart_eyes:

Snipcart Shopping Cart

Add failed :frowning: , any step-by-step adding snipcart to blocs for beginner ?
thank you


You could paste this into the Brics:

Not tailored for Blocs but should be straight forward enough :slight_smile:
Interested to hear how it goes


Can anyone do a tutorial for dummies of how integrate snipcart into blocs?


Why don’t you just create a products page and then use PayPal. PayPal lets you configure shipping cost and it keeps your buy now/add to cart buttons stored on PayPal. Once you insert the button code in your blocs page you can go in to PayPal and adjust prices without having to adjust the code in blocks.



Im trying to sale digitally. Thats why I need snipcart. I found it here actually in the forum and it allow me to upload my music to sell it after on my website but those guy have no idea about blocs and in the forum there is no much information about snipcart either! There are some topic created by @pulsecms and @pauland but for a guy like me I will need to see a little video of how is done haha


I just checked our e-com on Snipcart and I liked what I saw. I really like that they accepted major CC. I have a project coming up where I could used it. It would be cool to hear from the experts/advance user of Blocs give there insights. Tutorials or step by step major plus.
In this Forum topic it’s seem you have to use a CMS and Snipcart. Why do you need both? That’s just more $ In there an work a round?


Them we are two waiting for the same! :slight_smile: I saw they have a plug in on cms but I don’t see why to pay 10€ per month for a plug in :confused:


Im close to make this to work on my website, just having some issues with the color of the button and customising my shopping cart to the style of my page :persevere:


Way to go @Stewie_Griffin how exciting. You’re closer than I am. Have you watch Eldar’s Blocs Tutorial? They have helped me so much.
I hope you get it up and running soon.


I just set up my shop! I will make a tutorial soon :slight_smile:


Then use shopping app tutotial to get your product and run your shop.

Design, website and shop are for you to style the way you want.
No template

Nice advice, thank you. This topic is still actual for me


Have a look at mine did this in blocs just added PayPal

mike :grinning:


Hi - did you succeed adding SnipCart to your Blocs website? I could do with some help with it… I have my website. I have created a SnipCart account - not sure what to do with the API key and how add SnipCart buttons (or custom buttons in Blocs) to my site etc… Help please!