Crypto Payment Solution?

So I did a bunch of google but I keep getting pointed towards payment processors that will act as middle men. I am making a Blocs site and would like to accept crypto payments, but am only interested in the automation of the customer getting their confirmation email, notifying when their payment hits the bloc chain etc, but have no need for a full-service POS solution Online sales isn’t the focus of the site, so something super basic would work. But it would be nice to have something more snazzy then me just stating my wallet and instructing customers how to send. Is there a widget, or some kind of simple UI I could integrate into my site? Thanks!

Did you check the wallet your using to see if the offer an API?

I use Tangem and they have a developer SDK. I haven’t looked into it. But it’s likely this is what you will need to do, to send an email on successful transaction.

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Thanks! I’m using Exodus which is pretty solid so I imagine they would but this will give me a starting point. How I miss the days when Google would answer my question rather than point me towards their Adsense buyers haha. It seems there’s a million companies that will get between me and the buyer, but not someone I can pay just to create the bridge.

I found something that looks promising! Reasonable one-time fee and some additional options for larger operations. It’s called Boxcoin: Boxcoin - Crypto Payment Script by Schiocco | CodeCanyon

I’m still kind of learning what can and cant be done with Blocs on the code side, but does. PHP script seem like something that would be an issue?

I totally want to buy this if it can be inegrated!