CSS and JS cleanup on export

When fideling around with different brics and custom bric alot lot of unused CSS and JS is kept on export. It’s a pain to cleanup this by hand. Would be nice to have this automatically cleaned up on export.



For now, just remove the unwanted files from the page settings when you remove the last instance of a bric.

Let’s say you try a bric and ultimately remove it from the page and decide not to use it. You’ll go to the settings and remove the supporting files from there. It’s not as great as automatic would be, but it is way better than cleanup after export.

I think Blocs needs a mechanism that either deletes projects attachments automatically when removing an associated bric or advises us when they have no relevance. In the meantime a quick way to check for unwanted files is to choose the generate project option and export it to the desktop. Now take a look inside folders for project-attachments and page-attachments. Anything inside there is also being exported with your project and should be manually deleted.

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