CSS Button

Hi, I found this button: https://codepen.io/nourabusoud/pen/ypZzMM
I tried to customize it, but it doesn’t work, can anyone check this project? It’s a project with only the button, the style in the header and the script in the footer
TEST BUTTON.bloc (189.5 KB)

Hi @theenrico, Something like this:


Hey that is cool!! How did you do that?

Yes, but for me this doesn’t work, what I have to change?

Copied from this: https://codepen.io/nourabusoud/pen/ypZzMM

It wont work with the CSS (SCSS) from the code pen, until you modify it. Remove all the $ values, replace them with the colours you want, also remove the body style.

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Hi all, here’s the file. Have fun with the confetti button. My Confetti Button.bloc (1.4 MB)

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