CSS Testimonial slider

Hello all, I’m trying to embed a nice testimonial slider into my Blocs project. here’s a link to the original code snippet: https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/K0xog

There’s no javascript, it’s just html and css. I can get it working just fine using Adobe Brackets, but when I add the code to a Blocs project it breaks. When I look at the Google inspector, it indicates that the external css file cannot be found. But it is attached. Anyone know why this is breaking? Thanks in advance for any feedback! - Randy

testimonial-slider.bloc (209.0 KB)

This is very strange thing. I have tried your file and its not working. Also create a new one because of the code that you had inside code widget. Don’t need to include those js files. Since you have them by export and btw new version too.

I made a clean file and include html inside. But carousel is not spinning :smiley:
Inside the code you have container row and column. No need since you have in bloc already a container row and column :smiley: just need other part of the code. So i think there is some js file that you still need for that spinning part. Not sure what kind of css external code you have. For what exactly?