CTA link Button not working on Android

Hello all…

I’ve got a photo carousel with a CTA (Call To Action) button on first and last photo. They are both linked to the same page. (Contact page). They work fine when clicked on desktop but they do nothing when tapped on a phone screen. Here’s a link to my project. You’ll need to copy and paste or just manually type this into your phone’s browser. (If you use the “http://www” before it, it won’t work.)


Any help greatly appreciated. My client is close to approving website for launch once I resolve this issue.

Warm Regards, Randy

Hi Randy,

Noticed that your have css 404 (Not Found) errors for ‘extra-css-code.css’ & ‘css/bootstrap.css.map’ This may cause problems, unrelated to your current concern :wink:

the ‘Learn More’ button worked for me on an iPad.


Hi Bill, hey, thanks for taking a moment to provide some feedback. At one point, I did attempt to attach a style sheet to my index page, but eventually gave up and just modified it outside of Blocs. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll remove that reference to that css style sheet. As far as the ‘css/bootstrap.css.map’, not even sure where that is??? I did embed 2 Google maps, so perhaps that was automatically added somewhere as I don’t recall trying to create or add such a file. How/where did you encounter that error? Thank you again!

PS: The CTA button(s) on the carousel work just fine on an iPhone as well, just not on my Android. Thank you for letting me know they work on an iPad. That saves me from finding one to test it. :slight_smile:

Warm Regards, Randy

I couldn’t find 'bootstrap.css.map in my typical site output, so ‘I don’t know’ :wink:

If it doesn’t work on Android, then it probably doesn’t have a click-converter & you will have to include a js tap emulator like jQuery Touch Events, but then you would have to write some custom jquery, usually too much for most people :wink:

If it works in an iPad, then it will work on an iPhone, of course breakpoints may change the layout, but that’s a given.

P.S. you can preview any site in Safari’s Develop > Enter Responsive Design Mode