Cumbersome Nav Bar?

Can anyone please help. Since after 4.1, all updates make my nav bar static and useless.

My nav bar was set up to appear once you began scrolling and to stick to the top of the page. Basically it was hidden until scrolling.

Since any update after 4.1 - all that happens is you see the first bloc, as in the welcome bloc, and then when you scroll, the nav bar appears like a dead second bloc - it just scrolls up and disappears like any other bloc as you scroll the website.

For some reason the updates have completely stopped the hide and then sticky nav settings that worked always.

I’d be delighted with any ideas?
Thank you in advance.

How were you applying the hide until scroll?

Do you have a live link?

Did you migrate from BS4 to BS5?

We don’t have much to go on.

Thanks Pete. I just messaged you.