Cushy CMS

Ones I download the live files (with FTP program) and overwrite them to my local computer, I open Blocs but then I don’t see the changes made online with Cushy CMS on my computer in Blocs.
What do I do wrong ?

Strange, but I cannot even reach the cushycms website.


Hey @webdesign. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. As far as I know Blocs to CushyCMS is a one-way trip. Blocs has it’s own file type. When we export a Blocs project it expands into all the necessary HTML and CSS files that we FTP in order for our sites to work.

Changes can then be made to these files using CushyCMS. However I don’t know of a way to compress the files changed using CushyCMS back into a Blocs file type again to amend in the Blocs app. It would be a neat trick though!