CushyCMS Disappeared


Yesterday I dug out some ethernet cables, and attached my MacBook Pro in my studio to the Apple AirPort Base Station. This created a physical link from my computer to the BT line. I still couldn’t access the CushyCMS site. Using Apple’s Network Utility, I can ping the site and trace the route. I simply can’t view the site in any internet browser using wifi or ethernet.

I carried out the same test at home, yesterday evening, connecting my MacBook Pro to a BT HomeHub with an ethernet cable. The result was exactly the same. So still a mystery as to why I am unable to connect to their site. The common denominator appears to be BT though.


I am using Vodafone with a 76mbps fire connection, but perhaps they are using the same basic infrastructure as BT. If this is affecting users from Scotland to Cornwall using different ISPs and equipment it’s just downright silly.


As I said yesterday, @Flashman, I can connect using my o2 4G network, no bother!


I can connect on my normal broadband connection if I use a VPN to hide my IP number and appear to be from a different location. Perhaps we’ve been banned…


What about a flat file system?


I hope not. It’s still a distraction and will eat up development time that should be spent on blocsapp proper.


I got so frustrated with not being able to access CushyCMS, that over the weekend, I took another look at the CMS providers already supported by Blocs

I gave Surreal CMS a go. It’s simple and impressive! More importantly, for my clients it is the closest system I’ve seen so far to Adobe Muse’s in-browser editing feature, that I know they love. I’m aware that I’m going to have to bill my customers for this service, but their annual Surreal CMS fee will be minimal, probably less than I would charge for one hour of my time to do web maintenance.

I’ve already been having some email chat with Cory LaViska, founder of Surreal CMS, regarding easier ways to replace video content. I’ve also joined their forum. Looking at the screenshots on there for the next iteration of their interface, its looks very smart. So in summary, I’m a happy chap again.


Wait a minute, are you telling me you can give your client access to edit your BLOCs website through CMS? That doesn’t make any sense to me so if someone would chime in and let me know how that works.


Their main site loads just fine in New Zealand. Sounds a bit like a DNS issue, are you able to add another DNS to your network? Someone mentioned a VPN worked and that would likely mean another DNS server was being used for the VPN.


Keep us updated on SurrealCMS. It certainly looks very impressive and the pricing reasonable.

Can you create a normal Blocs site and then add SurrealCMS editable areas to replace normal Bloc text?


I agree. I think it is a DNS issue. Unfortunately my ISP hasn’t been super-helpful in trying to resolve this with me, and the boys at CushyCMS couldn’t pin-point what it may be either. So I saw little point in pursuing this any longer. It is a really shame, as CushyCMS has served me very well for over 6 years.


No, I’m not giving clients access to edit my site. What I am doing is giving my clients access to edit their own websites, that I’ve developed for them in Blocs, using Surreal CMS. I hope that is a clearer explanation.


Hi mate, after a lot of investigating of CMS I settled on PHPJabbers simple CMS
I actually upgraded blocs to use October CMS but its broken for me and doesn’t work. The script I settled on works well for me and you can get a developer license for a very reasonable amount with no monthly fees.


Hello @daveedwards,

for simple information, we also used this cms from phpjabbers on some client sites, and had after some time mismatch in the database and the cms do not worked any more.


Yes, @DerekDigital but the website you made for your clients was done in Blocs. How can they edit it without Blocs?


By setting up and using one the CMS systems that are available in Blocs for your projects.

Presently as you will see there are 4 options. The two being discussed in this thread are CushyCMS and SurrealCMS, in the link you will also see OctoberCMS and PulseCMS are available as well. These are all 3rd party services which can be integrated with Blocs so you can use them with your Blocs projects.


Thanks @Blocs_User for responding to @KBConcepts about CMS Systems :+1:t2:


Surreal CMS creator here. Let’s chat. You’ve already started the integration and I have some ideas on how we can evolve it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words, @DerekDigital. Care to chime in as to what’s working and what’s not for you with Blocs + Surreal? I started a post so we can identify and start fixing the pain points :slight_smile:


Sure thing.