Custom bloc as a reusable component?

Hi there,

I tried to search on this forum, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any direct answers to my concrete problem, therefore I need your help.

I would like to create a custom bloc that should work as a reusable and editable component in Blocs.

Can I achieve my goal?

I found 2 possible solutions in the context menu but I’m not sure about them.

  1. “Add Block to Library”
  2. “Export Custom Bloc”

My questions are:

  • Can I modify/update my custom block after I saved it into the library?
  • Can I modify/update my exported Bloc?
  • Will be the inserted blocs updated in a project when I modify the Bloc in the Library?

I would appreciate any help or tips regarding to this topic from you!

Thank you so much in advance!


Basically yes you can save custom blocs, but any changes you wish to keep as a custom bloc would have to be saved with a modified name, so you could end up with more than one or delete the previous version if no longer required.

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Thanks @Flashman Flashman, so basically there is no way to modify an existing Bloc and update all of the instances.

@Norm I wish there was a custom Bloc editor in Blocs, any plan in the future?

A way to save and replace (update) currently stored Blocs is something I wanna add.


You can modify any bloc at any time, but the changes are not saved automatically. Logically if you have a custom bloc then want to change it as a variation any saved version will require a new name. I don’t think you can choose the same name as an existing bloc, however you could delete the original and then use the same name.

These new changes would only appear where you have manually added the new bloc and would not affect previous instances in other projects. I think that would potentially be dangerous.

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Thanks Norm! I would highly appreciate once this feature is landed in the future. It can boost our productivity 200%.

I see, thanks! Right now my workflow is to modify then duplicate a section from one page to another manually and delete the obsoleted instance. Sigh.

Move the bloc to the global area, so changes happen on every page, then move the bloc to the main area when ready.


Unfortunately, I use an SVG map in the middle (dynamic) part on many pages, but hey, thanks for this tip! I might use it later on.