Custom Bric: Animated Color-Background



here is a free bric to get an animated color Background.

Animated Background.bex (49.2 KB)

Live Demo:

You have to place the bric on the page and choose 4 colors in the bric settings. When you are finish building your site, add the class anim-background to the blocs, where you want that the animated color background is shown.


Where can I learn about bric editor / builder

This is amazing!!!


Thank you :slight_smile: @mackyangeles it was one of the things from your wishlist :slight_smile:


Great work @webplus! I am sure a lot of people are going to love this!


Yes it is!!! :heart:


I certainly will.
Thanks a lot Claude.


Thank you sir, great addition to the custom brics


This is Coooooooool!!!


Thank you all for the kind words :slight_smile:


Hi @webplus very cool brick. Something new about the date picker brick ?? :slight_smile: Tom


Great new bric … its going to be fun using it


Hello @tom2, thank you :slight_smile: I will release the date picker bric with some other brics in 1-2 months in a payed brics package.


A nice fun effect - many thanks for making it available. One little suggestion though - how simple would it be to add an angle option to the settings? Such a feature would allow us to select from horizontal, vertical or diagonal transitions. It’s not a deal breaker if it’s difficult to do, but if you were thinking of adding this bric to a paid package of brics, it could be a nice way to add a little something extra that isn’t in the free version - just a thought!


Hello @hendon52 thank you for the sugestion. I will have a look tomorrow, how easy it will be. This Bric is and will rest free, so it will not be added to the payed Brics Package :slight_smile: @tom2 asked about an other Bric called „Date Picker“.


It’s so cool the way so many contribute to making Blocs Rock!
Thanks for taking your time, your willingness to share your knowledge and allow us to use your work. :grinning:


Sweet! thank you for sharing.


Here is an update of the bric to make it compatible with Blocs 3.0.4 and newer:

Animated Background v1.0.1.bex (49.2 KB)

[BLOCS 3.0.4] In-Built Preview Issue

As of today, the Live Demo and Video links given in the opening post are dead and in need of an update.