Custom Bric Includes aren't added to header

Bric Builder states this
Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 17.44.16

So I’ve put the html for the header in there, put the %variables% in there as documented and… nothing.

Is there some additional coding necessary to have that happen within the app?

Are you mixing up templates and include files?

Probably. The documentation is rather vague. Bric builder states that whatever I load into the includes section is going to be added to the <head> and it wasn’t.

Just searched the KB for storeCustomBricTemplateVal and couldn’t find an API point that lets me write to the <head>. Would that be done with a


type of thing somewhere in the bric?

Checkout API calls.

Also worth checking out the entire dev category.

I did. That’s why I asked. But if we have the option to have shortcodes in the header, I don’t need to make the Bric anymore anyway. Too much work for such a simple outcome.