Custom Brics Sidebar issue

I have tested with a fresh install of Blocs 3.06 and I’m seeing what I think is a bug, but I’d like to confirm.

I’m developing a Bric and I noticed that I can only add approx. 30 rows before the UI “cuts off” the remaining items from view. (titles, text areas (count as multiple rows), text fields, dividers, image wells etc.)

Easy test to reproduce the problem.
Make a new bric from template. Add a bunch of fields to it. You’ll see after you get somewhere between 25- 30 rows the other will not be visible. They still exist just hidden (think overflow:hidden)

Yeah this is logged already, it’s a bug.

Good to know it’s a :bug:, thanks. I’m hoping this is easy fix. I have a bric with fields that exceeds the given space. Basically I’m stuck adding new options until an update and I have several that aren’t usable.