Custom form

I am trying to make a custom form with only one button on the page. I am making a proofing album for photos. Is there any way to do this without 3rd party app. In the screenshot it says “on” but I mean “one”

As long as all buttons are within the form this should work. Just make sure you put the image name/number next to ‘keep’ and ‘delete’ otherwise you would not know to which image it refers.

I finally fixed it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Would be easy if I could change the export of it. So it wouldn’t send stuff that didn’t get answered or it would only send true and not false

You have to edit the form handler PHP file for that. There isn’t any logic, Blocs builds the PHP by grabbing all the form inputs. Which for most contact forms is perfectly fine.

Thank you. Now if only I know more about PHP :laughing:

:joy::joy: Freelance it out to someone. @Jannis is the PHP guru.

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That sounds like great idea. PS after doing 50 rows blocs starts slowing down a lot.

@Malachiman So after 70 rows blocs kind of breaks. LOL Is their way to fix this.

There is supposed to be words there.