Dark or Light theme? Or both?

Hi guys,

I need your opinion!

I am extremely busy these days, but it is again that time of the year when I want to make some changes to the design of my website! (It happens pretty much every 3~4 months :joy:).


For the past year or so, I had this very cool auto-switching between dark and light modes, which doesn’t even require visitors to reload the website. It also scores 100 on every test I run (Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix, etc)

I liked it, but now I am thinking about going back to specific unadjustable color for each page (like Apple’s website), but the question is, should I go dark or light for the main pages of my website?

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Keep Both

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Definitely Dark. Makes everything else more vibrant while contrasting against it.

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Thanks! I guess I am keeping both for now!

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