Data Source and .json files?

Blocs appears to have a Data Source connection area.

I’m wondering if there is a way to attach my .json (client side) file through this data source area or is there a way to create arrays or read data into elements easily?

Sorry, I hope I am making myself clear.

TIA -Rachel

Rachel, currently blocsapp has no support for what you want. The Data source is only a list handled by blocsapp - essentially for menu navigation.

How did you intend to use an external list?

As it stands now, I use .json in my apps. I am using jQuery and jQuery mobile. I’m trying to find a way to move away from jQuery mobile. I like it, but it is not being supported any longer. It is slow now. I read the .json file into a list. When a list item is selected by a user, another piece of .json, (spry details) fills in a details page. I use spry datasets that were originally used in Dreamweaver. My app has taken performance hits with these older technologies. It runs and works, but I’m searching for other ways. I’m not a proficient javascript/jquery coder. I don’t know angular at all–well, very little. I’ve looked and and tried about every mobile framework out there, but I keep hoping to find something that will do a lot of the work for me, but making it easer without a HUGE learning curve. I was hoping that Blocs might be able to help with that. At least as a prototype tool and style creator. Thanks for asking and answering my question.

Rachel, I’m afraid blocsapp offers no support for the kind of thing you are doing. Blocsapp is about static sitebuilding using bootstrap made easyish.