Delete Bug?

When I try to delete a bric it also deletes all the other bric in the bloc

What type of bric is it? Do you mean when you delete the bric it deletes all the other Brics that surround it?

Hi norm it’s a paragraph Bric and yes the others delete too

Is it consistent with a particular project, if you could send it to me I can take a look. You should be able to direct Message me a link via the forum.

Another thing to consider is, sometimes the item sections can be very close or seemingly overlapping. Perhaps you are inadvertently selecting a wrong ‘parent’ item for deletion, and thus all gets deleted instead?

The Breadcrumb Navigator may help with your selections in certain cases:

@norm Perhaps in a future version (3?) of Blocs we’ll see a DOM Tree Structure, allowing for various benefits.

Yeah the tree is on route.

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Strange doesn’t do it now. Thanks for the replies