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Hi everyone,

is ist possible to delete/remove an extension in Blocs?

I added FAQ into my Blocs, but accidently three times (see screenshot) – so now I have it shown three times in the Bric Library but none of them work. Nothing happens wenn I try to ad it.


Yes you can do it using the Extension Manager. Check the main menu bar, I don’t recall which menu item it’s under And I’m not at a Mac right now, but it’s towards the end of the list :+1:

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I had already tried that, but unfortunately it does not show:

We found this text in the Blocs Store underneath the FAQ-Extention:

“Doesn’t work with the latest Blocs. It never ends up in the installedBrics.plist but it shows up in the Brics selection. All the other Brics work, FAQ does not.”

Do you think, this will change in the next version?

You can actually delete items manually through the user application support folder. The path should be something like this:

Mac OS > Users > Your User > Library > Application Support > Blocs 3 > brics

Now restart Blocs if already open and that deleted bric should be gone.

As to the other point about this bric not working with the latest version of Blocs I have to say I haven’t checked it, but I had no problems with an existing project that was updated only a couple weeks ago with 3.4.2 using that bric and it is working as expected on the site.

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Thank you, this worked.

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The next version of Blocs 3.4.3 addresses this install issue with older Brics.

I’m glad manually removing the bric worked out.

Thanks a lot for this information.

Thank you @Flashman. Your post helped me a lot!

@Flashman this mean we can remove or add several extensions (.bloc ./ ,bex) at one time?
I was just asking that question earlier and I do remember anyone mentioning what you suggested.

In theory yes. In practice I would only use this method if you run into difficulty removing extensions or end up with extensions appearing twice, which has happened for some users. Install them as you would normally and remove them from the bric builder one at a time unless you run into difficulties. No need to restart between each bric replacement. Just once when they are all done.

Thanks for letting me know