Delete Row

How do you delete a Row in Blocs?

Right click?

How do you want to create a page
when you do not like the program?
Just by the way …

I wish it was that simple. Maybe there is a qlitch in the newest version.

And I wish …
08/15 Users would be quieter.

Look at the pages, made with … ?!
This might be due to you.

@KBConcepts right click in the white area of the brick and choose delete.
Or… click on th white part of the brick and from menu choose “Brick - Delete” or “CMD+Backspace”

You are the God of the righteous.
Nice screenshot, by the way.

And that was really his concern?

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Cool explanation… love the image.
The problem is when I click on the area it say “row”, not brick.

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You click where … right down?

You do not click anywhere … you want confusion.

On your screenshot, there is no brick, just a placeholder for the bric. If you look at the bottom left corner, you will see what you have got. I assume in this case it will be Bloc and Row. You can select any of the elements in the bottom left corner and click “CMD+Backspace”, like @Jakerlund suggested.