Deleted basic classes


I accidentally deleted the first entry in the class-manager.
I cannot restore this entry “h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p,label,.btn,a”.
When i try it, i get this entry “.h1-h2-h3-h4-h5-h6-p-label–btn-a”.

What can, or what should i have to do?


Go to your back up or previous save?

Failing a restore, or maybe instead off, this work around might work…

Open a new project and add that class set to your Class Library. Re-open your project and add from the class library.

(assuming you have Plus, which has the Class Library feature.)

@Norm - I just tested this. In the class manager I could not delete this class set, but in the class editor I could delete it. Maybe this one needs to be locked from deletion in the class editor as well.

Alternatively, just add the class back in the class manager. You will just need to re-add the typeface in the project settings.

If I add it back I get the commas but the h1 ends up as a class not a tag. Weird. Because you can add an h1 tag without it doing that

Good point. Use page settings :joy: does that add it back? I’m not on my Mac.

Yes, it does. :grin:

Out for an early weekend…? :rofl: :beach_umbrella: