Deleting centred items at the top of a global or dynamic area

Does anybody else find it tricky at times deleting centred items like a logo at the top of a dynamic or global area because the blue plus appears when you pass over it with your cursor?

To make this easier I was going to suggest that the “+” either be slightly off centre or that it somehow moves magically to the side when covering an item, which would be wonderful if possible.

I know it’s possible to delete these items with a deft hand, but it just feels a bit finicky at present.

Just bump up the Bloc padding while you edit if it gets too fiddly, then back again once your done.

I feel that at times this becomes an issue across various cases. At times the + for adding new Blocs is even hard to get to show, etc.

There is the new breadcrumb navigation, and you can do things like the add in padding temporarily workaround, use right click, etc., But some of those methods are not optimal (the padding trick) or practical for workflow at all times and things can get tricky or even perhaps frustrating.

@Norm - Will some of the changes coming in 2.4 thru 2.6 allow for a cleaner “object selection engine”, once all the windows/areas of the app become separate and native?

I am not presently clear what my suggestion would be, but at times it does seem like a cleaner solution could be created. I guess the most direct way and one possible option would be a page “tree view” of the page items where each item could be clearly and directly targeted.

@Blocs_User the changes coming with 2.4+ will not directly effect the selection engine, that is a different beast. I’m constantly tinkering and pulling my hair out trying to improve it.

The truth is selecting objects on the actual canvas is really complicated due to the fact in responsive design objects such as coloumns, rows and content (headers and images ) share the same dimension space, making it hard to identify were an object ends and another starts to the mouse pointer. I want the design view in Blocs to be as close to the actual view as possible, that’s why I don’t opt for a more padded out design view so selecting objects is easier.

The breadcrumb is a big help but not perfect, a layer tree has been started but is way off from being efficient and complete, in Blocs the challage with the layer tree is the fact Blocs documents have 3 areas, I’m still working on getting the engineering correct here.

I do plan to add multi selection of objects and a layer tree but we are talking version 3+ at least.

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