Deleting Text box deletes my navigation bar?!

I want to delete a text box and when I remove it, it removes part of my navigation bar, seriously wtf? Why cant you just drag and drop things and put them where you want them, select individual items such as images, buttons, text box’s, drag and drop them, resize etc?

You might have removed the whole bloc. When you remove a text box make sure you have just that selected. Use the breadcrumb in the lower left side of the page. It will show what you have selected.


@Brocky120 Blocs forces you to follow the flow of the page so your site works best across most devices and keeps it responsive. Unfortunately well coded responsive websites can’t be created like creating designs in graphic design apps, you need boundaries otherwise the objects won’t flow together.

I appreciate Blocs is a little restrictive if you are used to just moving stuff, in Blocs that’s all done with classes with Margins and Padding.

Blocs forces or confines a bit too much even within it’s own current flow IMHO (without full Bootstrap, certain CSS properties, etc., support). I am hoping and trusting the 2.4 - 2.+ advancements begin to open things up further for Blocs. :wink: I believe in ya Norm, looking forward to what 2017 brings.

One perhaps interesting example of this however is Sparkle app (there are others as well), which allows for this kind of placement and movement. I can’t really evaluate it completely from their demo, but it appears to just use HTML5 and no 3rd party framework. The app still seems young in it’s development cycle and certain areas - even though it birthed in 3/2014. I can’t say I am in love with some aspects of it’s source output, but overall the concept is admirable and commendable for the method of making sites, including responsive. Much like Blocs I am sure it will only continue to improve with time. I have seen one of the developers talking around the web and I think they are aware of the proper and needed things to advance their app. It does already have some interesting features in place however.

I think in general this style of development will continue to improve, advance and become cleaner, in conjunction with frameworks or just vanilla HTML5. More apps will surely emerge over time, obviously a Block by Block approach in general is easier to implement and work within those confines. But drag and drop positioning, stacking, etc., is still possible for responsive development, it takes a more complex mindset behind the scenes of the app though.

I think Blocs will continue to mature within its own roadmap and allow for more advanced opportunities for creation over time.

@Blocs_User from what I have read, because of the way Sparkle works (free movement) each breakpoint needs to be re-designed so that’s a lot of extra work, plus the generated code isn’t true fluid responsive. So you can’t target all devices unless you literally design for every screen.

I’ve not used it, just read a few threads on it around the web.

I just popped open the demo again and it’s actually pretty easy using it’s devices/breakpoints to visually change things across devices/breakpoints. The approach would be similar to Blocs use of breakpoint-views, custom classes, visibility options but perhaps Sparkle is more up front in it’s approach of direct user interaction visually. I just thought it was an interesting and viable example of a free flowing approach. I think much can be advanced with it, but it’s neat what they have accomplished so far.

I think looking at and tinkering with as many other apps, clouds, frameworks, etc., is a good idea, as much can be learned across all. Each has features to be thought upon and learned from and may inspire to be gleaned into new ideas. Even if it’s just one little nugget of inspiration I think its worth it.

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How does one move a text box left/right?.. I’m slowly getting my head around it, taking a while but I’m staying determined.

Depends on the circumstances, could you use text alignment? that’s the easiest solution. Or do you need the text on the right side of the page? You could create a structure with a row with 2 columns and put the text in the second and leave the first empty. You could also use left/right margin or padding for that matter to move the object left and right

Nice one I’ll have a play with that. Another quick question. When you add a Devices Bloc, if you select the image inside the device (iPhone 6S) to navigate to another page, the image inside the device becomes really big, not sure if this is a bug?

most likely, I’ll do a few tests today.